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Interview radio WWOZ New Orleans 🎶📻

Le 7 avril 2023, Krewe du Belge était interviewé à New Orleans sur la meilleure radio de l'univers WWOZ.

Black Mold honored us by inviting us on the "New Orleans Music Show" on WWOZ  - "The Guardians of the Groove", on Friday, April 7, 2022. Here is the complete interview in video and sound. For more than 6 minutes + the song "De Bruxelles à New Orleans", live on the biggest radio in the universe.

It's still hard to believe that it really happened. And that Black Mold told us during the interview: "I have to say, to my ears, you guys did a very good job and managed to capture the sound of a New Orleans Brass Band."

Thank you Paul John 🎶😎

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