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Included: two invitations for our “Release Party” on May 18, 2024.

“No one listens to CDs anymore.”

Yes, we know that. By purchasing this item, you support our musical project: you help us create original compositions in French, rehearse, record, organize promotional concerts, shoot clips and promote our songs.

These 9 titles, in French, were recorded in New Orleans in February 2024, with 10 musicians from Krewe du Belge, at Marigny studios.

+ Featuring local musicians in New Orleans:

- Corey Henry (trombone) & Renard Henry (drums) - “Hey Hey NOLA”

- Treme brass band - "Dans le Bar du Quartier"

- Craig Klein (trombone) - "Bluesette rhumba"

CD + booklet with lyrics and stories.

Sound engineer, mixing: Rick Nelson.

Only the vocals were recorded in Brussels at the Détours studio, Géraldine Capart.

Album 2024 "Dans le Vieux Carré"

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